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Escursioni in barca e Aquavision

The best boat excursions to Syracuse selected by us.

On the south-east coast of Sicily lies Syracuse, a city rich in history. In addition to artistic and historical beauties, this magical place also gives us the opportunity to enjoy naturalistic shows.
The island of Ortigia, also known as The Pearl of Syracuse, is the oldest part of Syracuse: nearly all travelers who land on its soil, or who visit it by sailboat, fall in love with its beauty, its sea, its monuments and its spectacular views.
According to a myth, which dates back to ancient Greece, Leto, who became pregnant with Zeus and was chased by a snake sent by the jealous Era, first landed in Ortigia, where she gave birth to Artemis, goddess of the moon and hunting, then with her little daughter crossed the sea and finally arrived in Delos, where Apollo was born, god of the sun and the arts, home of one of the most important oracles of antiquity.
The island, which already at the time of the ancient Greeks was situated in a strategic position and was rich in water, over the centuries has been the subject of numerous invasions: Greeks, Romans, Saracens. Suebi and Aragonese arrived in this place and, even now, their presence is evidenced by the beautiful monuments.

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Boat trip around the island of Ortigia: what to see

The boat trip around the island of Ortigia is a tour that many visitors make coming to Syracuse. It lasts one hour and twenty minutes and is usually done by boats carrying up to 20 people.

The landing points are located in the large port of Ortigia. The tour includes a tour of the island of Ortigia, the passage in front of the Maniace Castle, one of the most important monuments of the Swabian period, built by King Frederick II and which, at the time, served as a defense for the entire city and the visit of some caves.

In addition to the normal boat tour, we also offer tours by a boat with a glass floor, thanks to which you can have an unprecedented taste of marine life.

The experience we offer you is to admire the caves on a “Aquavision” boat that thanks to its glass floor will give you the opportunity to admire the seabed while comfortably seated. A unique experience not to be missed.

Le grotte

Our boats leave every day from the island of Ortigia, you can admire this magical island in all its beauty. You will also visit the beautiful caves that the south-eastern coast of Sicily offers us.

Book with us to enjoy the privileged rates.

EXCURSION COST: € 20,00 (per person)
TOUR DURATION: about 1 and 20 minutes
DEPARTURE TIME: all day long
SUITABLE: For all age groups

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: Hat, swimsuit, bath towel and water.
MULTILINGUAL GUIDE: Italian and English.


La grotta dei coralli


La costa siracusana

Location: Isola di Ortigia – Siracusa

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